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Super Traffic Board

Super Traffic Board for FSX, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D V3, V4, and V4.2

Starting from the idea of displaying flight information as you would find at any real world airport, Super Traffic Board (STB) goes far beyond this with new and exciting ways of presenting your simulator AI traffic flights and interacting with your AI traffic.  Developed in conjunction with a number of popular AI Traffic add-ons, STB includes specially configured content (logos, aircraft and airline data) for the following :

All content can be changed and expanded as you see fit, and other AI traffic not listed above can also be used with STB.  In addition to displaying basic arrivals and departure flight details(*), STB can:

Taking interactivity to a new level, through STB you can(*):

Not only does STB list the current and historical flight information in your simulator, but also those due to occur at a later time and for any airport in the world.  See detailed schedule information about each flight, including the previous flight details and the following flight details(*).

Developed for both pilots and “spotters” with support from all of the main AI vendors, you can look forward to an enjoyable experience with your AI traffic every time.

(*) = For AI Traffic created by an external scheduling engine (for example Flight1 UT2 and UTLive, and Just Flight Air Hauler), there are are number of considerations and limitations outside of our control. Please click here for further details.

(*) Limitations beyond the control of STB exist for AI traffic created by an external scheduling engine, such as Flight1 UT2, UTLive and the Just Flight Air Hauler series.  See here for further details.  

Hot News!

May 2018: STB V3.6.2018.14700 Update for FSX and FSX Steam Edition now available. This update fixes bugs and enhances existing features. Please visit the downloads page or click here for details.

May 2018: Content for Just Flight Traffic Global (early access) is now available, including airling logos, airline and aircraft configuration data. Regular updates will be updated regularly as Traffic Global continues to evolve: click here for details.

May 2018: End of development for STB for Prepar3D versions prior to V4.2, and FSX Steam Edition side by side installation is announced: click here for details.

May 2018: STB Client V4.2.2018.13500 Update for Prepar3D-V4.2 now available. Highlights include the reintroducition of  the enhanced AI views lost in the Prepar3D V3 to V4 transition (such as “AI Pilot View” and AI Passenger View”), the “AI Flyby” view and the new “Optimize by Schedule” command.  Please visit the downloads page or click here for details and download.